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1 Mechanical properties of chemically treated banana and pineapple leaf fiber reinforced hybrid polypropylene composites Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies, 4:4, 527-537 Maliha Rahman, Sangita Das & Mahbub Hasan 2018 Journal MSE Maliha Rahman
2 Physico-Mechanical Properties of Pineapple Leaf and Banana Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polypropylene Composites: Effect of Fiber Ratio and Sodium Hydroxide Treatment IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 438 012027 S. Das, M. Rahman and M. Hasan 2018 Journal MSE Maliha Rahman
3 Surface Modification of Advanced and Polymer Nanocomposites In: Dasgupta N., Ranjan S., Lichtfouse E. (eds) Environmental Nanotechnology. Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World, vol 14. Springer, Cham. Rahman M., Zahin F., Saadi M.A.S.R., Sharif A., Hoque M.E. 2018 Book Chapter MSE Maliha Rahman
4 Effect of Alkali Treatment on Properties of Pineapple Leaf Fiber and Banana Fiber Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET) Journal, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue, pp. 21-26 M. Rahman, S. Das, and M. Hasan 2017 Journal MSE Maliha Rahman
5 Introduction to Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Nova Science Publishers, New York Asrafuzzaman, Kazi Faiza Amin, Md Enamul Hoque 2021 Book Chapter MSE Asrafuzzaman
6 Process Parameter Optimization to Synthesize Magnesium Silicide Magnesium Matrix In-Situ Composite Journal of Mechanical and Mechanics Engineering (e-ISSN: 2581-3722) Asrafuzzaman, Kazi Faiza Amin 2021 Journal MSE Asrafuzzaman
7 Bonding Mechanism and Interface Enhancement of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Composites Springer Asrafuzzaman, Kazi Faiza Amin, Ahmed Sharif, Md Enamul Hoque 2020 Book Chapter MSE Asrafuzzaman
8 Bamboo/Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composites and Their Applications in Modern Infrastructure Springer Kazi Faiza Amin, Asrafuzzaman, Ahmed Sharif, Md Enamul Hoque 2020 Book Chapter MSE Asrafuzzaman
9 Investigation on the feasibility of Padma Sand & Glass Cullet as potential raw materials of conventional Soda-Lime glass ICMIME H. J. Sumona, G. M. Neon, M.R. Al Hassan, Asrafuzzaman, A. Sen 2019 Conference MSE Asrafuzzaman
10 Fractional recrystallization kinetics in non-heat-treatable aluminium alloys AIP Conference Proceedings S. M. N. Rokon, M. S. Kaiser, K. M. Shorowordi 2021 Conference MSE S. M. Nasim Rokon